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09 August 2008



According to the link President Clinton and (your hero!) Bono have both spoken at the Summit, which is pretty cool.

And, if things are bad now, just think how few people would attend the Scottish Episcopal Church if it excluded GLBT types, or didn't invite exciting overseas bishops.


In Sweden the Revd Truls Bernholds has been allowed to build retreat houses within two prisons. He came to teach in Tranemo this summer (as did GadgetVicar last year). Some of the hardest inmates has chosen to join his very tough course. They leave their old life behind as they enter. The leader of Hells Angels (or similar gang) came transported in a prison van escorted by two police cars and one police helicopter and in the sight of the other inmates he entered the retreat house. Within hours the whole criminal world know he has made a new choice - and they seem to respect it. Only five percent of those who have passed the course return to crime. Among other prisoners 75-80% return to crime after release from prison. I think it is a great witness to the world - but also a challenge to "normal" congregations. Have we at all understood the transforming potential of new life with Christ?

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