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16 October 2008


(ready, willing and able) ryan

Cool, glad things are interesting and not too busy. Although I don't know the music of Elbow and British Sea Power; it can't be a good thing that the vicar is more musically trendy than me! Also struck me today that there are students at Uni who were just BORN the year Achtung Baby was released. Oy gevalt.

Tooth fairy

Is "scunnered" an affliction that only strikes north of the border,is it able to be mentioned in polite circles, would you go out and get scunnered or does it only happen in the privacy of your own home or, indeed, does that home have to be a rectory. As a mere, non clerical, sassenach I am intrigued.


For a good translation of "scunnered" see http://www.stooryduster.co.uk/Pages/scunner.htm.

Apparently, in Yorkshire, a "scunner" is an urban youth usually associated with trouble or petty crime.

I believe it is not an affliction confined to rectories!

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