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14 November 2008



Know Friday's your day off, but posting material from the other anglican blogs I read is cheating somewhat! ;-). Believe it or not, got Robert Gagnon's "The Bible and Homosexual Practise" out of the uni library today; hope it doesn't convert me to the theological Dark Side of the Force.

Beat Attitude

Ryan, it just means you can copy and paste your comments and save a bit of time for doing other stuff.

 (the original) ryan

That wouldn't do, Greg, I like to tailor my comments to the particular audience and enviroment. Similarly, I hope you'll be dressing fabulously for sunday :-)


Fascinating take on the relationship between Christ and his Bride...never quite thought of it in that regard...


Interesting video (and cool that Peter likes +++Rowan's The Body's Grace - if only the first three chapters!) but :

It isn't Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones takes the leap of faith it is, instead, The Last Crusade!



That was a very interesting video! I have to listen to it again though I think :-)


I really liked it as well. This suffers from the "lack of a sound-bite" though. I really hope people can be convinced of this in a timely manner.

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