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14 November 2008



As an employee of the SPS, I feel hurt that you are angry!! Society hates offenders (by and large) and the tabloidy end of the media especially. For that reason (I assume it's for that reason) the government doesn't fund us over-generously. On a total shoestring, great efforts are made by many committed staff really to care for and rehabilitate prisoners. Although the media print the stories of all the failures, there are lots and lots of success stories which never get told - of guys who owe their very lives to getting jailed, and who mend their ways and their family relationships.

If you watch all the "America's toughest jail"-type programs (to which I'm thoroughly addicted) you would appreciate more what we do in Scotland. In the US, the plan so far as I can see is to lock them up and, in some cases, throw away the key. Come and have a tour of either of "my" jails and I'll show you how prisoners' family relationships are taken seriously, and how, on hardly any money, we enable real rehabilitation and reintegration.

Also, let's be realistic. Some families would be rather pleased if the offender was sent to the other end of the country...

 (man flu plagued) ryan

You've had a bank account since you were 5?! :-)

Agree with much of the other stuff. I admired you speaking up ( a few weeks ago) on the poor treatment a sex offender you know of was getting, and the importance of the Church reaching out to such people. It's perhaps over easy for liberals (like me?) to conflate evangelicals with the curtain-twitching members of the (misnamed) moral-majority, so it's good to see you standing up for the difficult business of living grace (any theological concept that has a Jeff Buckley album and a U2 song to its name must be worth emphasising!)

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