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08 November 2008



i'm with you on that one..! i was preparing for the story to kick just as the credits began...


I thought you were describing spooks!!!

Beat Attitude

surely it's *disbelief* that should be suspended...


Quite enjoyed QOS myself, but it had its weaknesses. It was a transitional film I think: introducing a new kind of Bond, giving us someone we can understand a little better before he really goes to town in the next installment. The development of his relationship with M was also interesting. The baddie in this one seemed pretty lame (literally by the end of it) but again, I think it's setting it up for a rip-snorter of a third installment of the Nu-Bond.

 (just!) ryan

But Greg : Bond's character arc was such that , at the end, he found the Q of S and so presumably has no justification for being the renegade, angry Bond in a third movie?

Indiana Jones, as a character, is better than Bond too.


My brother calls Daniel Craig "Mr Potato Head James Bond"


I was staggered that QOS was a 12A. Which means anyone can see it with parental consent. Did anyone catch the implied rape, the graphically portrayed carcass (drowned in oil and left, blackened on a bed) and the numerous vicious and nasty death scenes? I left Quantum of Solace with not even a small amount of conviction that I would trust the licensing authorities to let me know what films are/aren't suitable for my kids. Both my wife and I felt pretty sickened and I doubt we'll go and see another Bond in this franchise. Bond used to be fun, clever, family entertainment. Should this ever be shown on a Christmas afternoon?

 (just!) ryan

Bond always had (at the least) lots of sex and violence and was odddly regarded as "family" entertainment. And whatever else the Roger Moore era Bond films were, "clever" isn't one of them.
The 12A rating is a joke though; The Dark Knight was certainly too grisly for young children ( I think the Daily Heil had a go at it on that basis)


Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least... a lot of high quality visuals, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

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