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21 December 2008


Kenny Macaulay

Absolutely brill, David. I'm appalled that there are no comments yet. If you were to post something about the gay issue, or same-sex marriages, your comments would be teeming with replies. Talk about the poor and the Good News to the Poor, and who cares?


I'd imagine that's attributable to comment moderation approval time, Kenny.

Kenny Macaulay

Not at all Ryan. It's the truth. If folk cared as passionately for the poor, the dispossessed, the starving and homeless as you do for your own "cause", then we might be getting back to the heart of the Gospel. Two children have died of hunger since I started writing this. Who cares?????


I doubt if Cartman would equate lack of comment with lack of interest.


I fail to see how me (or anybody else) leaving comments on this post would indicate care for people dying of hunger or be the equivalent of doing anything about it. People being surprised at Christians opposing poverty etc, and commenting as a results, would perhaps be more worrying.

All thought I of course agree with you on the heart of the gospel.


Kenny, here's a thought - homosexuality is a controvertial topic - people have strong opinions - just like they do concerning the legitimicy of divorce. I would imagine most people are in agreement with poverty etc - It does make me wonder why god hasn't provided for them - or saved the two children who died during the writing of your post.

I would also be interested to see if you can actually demonstrate homosexuality is wrong in any absolute metaphysical sense (whilst overcoming the euryphro dilema en route).

I trust you have clicked the hungersite today before tucking into your turkey http://www.thehungersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=1

I wonder how many children will die in the meantime?

I find this contrived outrage difficult to take when the catholic church is spreading lies about condoms and telling people they will go to hell if they use them - the result of course is that dogma facilitates the spread HIV. What is your position on condoms? I hope you dont support this killing of the innocent.


That should of course been euthyphro

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