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10 December 2008



Poor you (all). Get well soon.

 (pink-candle anticipating) ryan

Very sorry to hear that, and with guadate sunday coming up too :-(. Hope you and family recover quickly.

Although man-flu is indeed a real and serious condition. It is, in some senses, worse than Original Sin as it doesn't have a cure and you don't (bah!) get any sympathy.


I feel your pain, I too came down with this horrid affliction Monday night :(


Oh I hope it wasn't me! Passing on germs that is. (I was singing in the choir :)) As I got the cold/flu (I don't know how you call these in English, like which it is) on saturday - today is thursday and I am back to health - so as a consolation if it of the same variety it should be gone and dealt with in a rather short time (just as long as you rest and sleep!) Hope you all get well soon.

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