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10 January 2009


Andrew T

Having just read "Rowan Williams snd Romans 1" on the SPREAD website and of SPREAD's standpoint and work I would be interested to know if Mr Raven will have any speaking engagements when he visits Glasgow that will be open to the public? If so, GV, would you be so good as to post the details on your blog? I'm sure that there will be many people that would be interested in attending.


Yes, why go to GAFcon when GAFCon can come to you! ;-)

Andrew T

And dense old me has just managed to see from the St S termcard that Mr Raven is preaching at the morning service at St Silas on Lord's Day 22 February!

I shall have to instruct Egor to knock the door of the crypt early that day and get me out and about in daylight.

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