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08 February 2009



Not to mention those (who shall remain nameless) who threw snowballs at innocent children ;-).

Beat Attitude

hey, all is fair in love and (snowball) war!

Some tactical observations: I noted that the staff members seemed to band together as a natural extension of their working paradigm. No obvious tension rising to the surface there, which was good to see!

Ally M seemed to enjoy the challenge and lower risk of the long distance battle, employing those monstrous triceps developed for the 11-a-sides throw in.

John W seemed to be more of a "melee"-type, gladiatorial combatant.

Ryan D preferred to take hostages and play the defensive game (although picking the thinnest member of the party as a human shield did not seem to make much logistical sense)

Lorna M just wasn't sure she wanted to be there...

I detected an unspoken mutual partnership agreement between GV and gadgetboy to watch out for one another, which was touching, but (I suspect) paper-thin.

The local kids were dangerous free agents in the game, using sneaky close-up techniques and assorted weaponry to make up for what they lacked in stature.

I just opted for the random, headless chicken routine, assaulting nearby combatants who weren't expecting it and not thinking about the consequences...bring it OOON!

Standing behind a vehicle can be good defensive play, but one must account for car-roof blowback factor for shots landing slightly short.

Turning your back to re-load is fine, but Nick should have been aware of exposing the bit just above his boxers which acts as a kind of homing device for those guided missiles he's trying to dodge. A rookie mistake!

Leather gloves were definitely an advantage. I can just about feel my hands again today...

Plenty of snowballs, and just a few peaches!


I'd appreciated it being noted that I didn't throw any snowballs at GV. Anglo-catholics *appreciate* the clergy ;-).

Lorna may be petite, but she is also a person of Wolverine-esque robustness. And you choose hostages (i.e. women and children) that ethical snowballers (not greg, obviously) don't target.

I maintain that a snowball fight would be a marvellous way to solve the disputes in the Anglican Communion too.

Beat Attitude

agreed :)


Hmm, can't help thinking that , for weather reasons, African primates would be short of practise and so would probably lose (which would - of course - be a good thing). ;-).

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