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06 February 2009



I thought it was great too (and wasn't Eddie Izzard convincing?). Looking forward to Benjamin Button. And you should so see Milk (Sean Penn's performance is my tip for the best actor oscar).


I was waiting for Eddie Izzard to say something "stream-of-consciousness" and hilarious. After the initial scene with him I got over it.

We went into the wrong cinema initially, which was showing Benjamin Button. Took me a minute to work out it wasn't a trailer. Think we might have annoyed the other punters when we left.

Planning on seeing Milk too.


Cool. I'm sure Akinola is a Harvey Milk fan ;-).
Button should be excellent. And the director's Fight Club would have been far more worthy of sermon references circa 99 and 2000 than (gah!) The Matrix too.

Stuart Weir

Also, what might the church's theology of looked like had Bonhoeffer not have been executed and Barth not expelled from Germany both during and beyond the war? What would the church's theology of looked like if the regime had continued under Goerdeler? Some interesting ifs....

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