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09 March 2009


Kenny Macaulay

Incredible situation. I know of many Gambians who will now be totally unable to study in the UK as a result of this. Prospective sponsors I know will be unable to gift all the living expenses at once, and I know of nobody in this Third World country who has the wherewithal to pass this test, except the children of certain folk "on the take".

However, we must stop these "Muslim Extremists" by whatever way possible, eh?


This will effect a charity I work with so thank you for the warning. I just checked the web site and am furious as well as upset.

And aside from the selfishness and discourtesy shown to citizens of other countries, doesn't anyone in government realise that it's good for Britain to have the best young people from other cultures studying here?

Mike G

Have you heard how difficult it has become to get overseas ministers to accept a call to a church in Scotland? We have been advised that it could take two years to get a non-EU minister, in part because we now have to prove that the job cannot be filled by someone from the EU. We might have seen the last of the brilliant Brazillians able to fill our bulging vacancy list.

rona of www.iwanttobeavicar.com

I wonder if there is some way of getting bursaries organised for these people? We will not only lose the diverse and rich student make up of our theological colleges, but also our opportunity to take our country's ministry into their countries as part of the wonderful exchange programmes which many theological colleges offer.


My main concern is that educational standards suffer as we allow too may students (from whatever background)in for purely financial reasons. University science students as a whole are getting quantitatively "thicker" as time passes.

Having said that, I dont consider theology to be a proper subject anyway :-) I'll take cover now....


Philistine! ;-). Philosophy is people discoursing about abstracts etc too, and the humanities certainly enrich life. Plus surely it's better for fundies to study theology than to corrupt real science with creationist nonsense?

Of course, there is also the question of whether hompohobic student Christian organisations should be denied SRC funding; I tend to think they should.


Philosophy also has "problematical" branches too. The problem with fundies is that they are not content with their own ignorance, but they demand that everyone else becomes ignorant too.

I'm all for denying homophobic organisations access to university facilities. We shouldn't tolerate them any more than we would Nazis

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