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07 March 2009


rache bell

Dogs! consider tonights weather and two dogs who both need to pee...outdoors on a leash with you attatched to the end of it?! Better buy the all weather gear at the same time :-)


Advise against it Bro. A nice idea but will belike having a kid again. Very tying and kids will want to walk/play with dog at first - then your vicariousness will be left holding the lead!!!!!

Mike G

My son has been sponsoring a Dogs' Trust dog for a while, but he got injured recently so you won't have been introduced. I think DT do an excellent job.
We have had three dogs now - the first we rehomed after his owner died and I took the funeral (homing pets is not a normal service offered by Kirk clergy, this just worked out well at the time), the other two from local rescue kennels. The most recent is at my feet just now - a cross border collie, lovely dogs, great with kids.
My only advice would be: start with one dog. But then, Dogs Trust probably know better than me.


Kenny Macaulay

Go for it boy! You need a dog! Everyone needs a dog! Life's not always about gadgets you know!

Beat Attitude

http://artofmanliness.com/2009/03/03/choosing-mans-best-friend-a-guide-to-canine-companions/ that's the link I mentioned.

Having thought more about it, I echo some of gadgetvicarbro's concerns...Dogs do seem to require a lot of care, and can have a significant cost for feeding, grooming and vet fees. They'll add noise to the household (that may be a good thing, or may not) and a not insignificant amount of mess. But they can be great fun if companionship is lacking.

Dogs are nice, for sure, but they're not hamsters!

Are the gadgetkids willing to scoop the poop?

John Penman

On the walking front greyhounds are actually the best bet. They don't need a great deal of exercise - 40mph couch potatoes is the term I have heard used!


Evangelical males expounding on the art of manliness indeed! The "Mens room" is surely dodgy enough....


I love dogs. Go for it! Excellent company and it will keep you fit with all the walking you'll need to do. I'd make sure your kids are willing to sign a dog walking/caring/grooming contract before you get it (i'm sure that's what my parents did!). Also, I'd advise you to get Pet Insurance. It can be a very costly business. I had a West Highland Terrier who lived for 19-years!

Happy dog finding...


Having lived all my life with dog(s)I can't imagine not having one around. Currently we have a 10 year old rescue Border Collie and those that know her know how affectionate, placid and well behaved she is, she has to be as she comes to work with me most days so initial training was vital. She barks maybe once in a blue moon...usually only when someone unexpected comes to the door, will go out to the garden herself for a pee so doesn't need accompanied there, food is maybe £5 a week? Grooming costs zilch - buy a brush !!!
Like all pets, to take one on is to take on the responsibility. Dogs are very adaptable, sociable creatures. They like company - like being in a family 'pack' and exercised at least once a day - even if it's only a burst round the block.
Ultimately it's up to you, if you're prepared to put in the effort the rewards are well worth it!

rona of www.iwanttobeavicar.com

Hi there,

We used to have greyhounds and I would recommend them in a flash. They don't need much walking as John Penman's post says, and they are real couch potatoes - make sure they are either allowed on the sofa, or have super soft beds to lie on, and they will reward you with loads of love. We had a rescued pair as well, and when you hear about their history it gives you a warm glow to realise that you are helping a little!

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