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17 April 2009


Joshua Bovis

Hallo David,
Ciamar a tha thu? S'mise Iosua (Joshua). Tha mi as Astrlalia.
I am about to start with a church in the Diocese of Newcastle (next door to Sydney). I spent two years in Scotland as a youth minister within the C of S. The Senior Minister was a Glasgow fella who hailed from the Tron church. Not sure if you know him (Scott Kirkland).

Anyway it is great that Peter Jensen is coming to the Tron.

How is St Silas going? I know that area well. Been to Scotland four times. My mother is a Glaswegian (from Mary Hill). My Granny lived up the Possill. All my cousins are Cabbies in Glasgow. Aunts live in Clarkston (Stamperland) and up the road from St Georges Cross station.

Anway I would love to get in contact wiht you mate and be able to pray for you as you proclaim the gospel to the best city in Scotland!



Andrew T

Good to see evangelicals coming together and working across denominational divides to spread the truth. Long may it continue!

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