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09 April 2009



Drink the Blood of Our Lord, fly and all, then go set fire to yourself. Easy... or did you miss that class at Theological College?


Hmm, tricky. I believe at a Papal Mass someone other than His Holiness takes the wine first in case of an attempt at poisoning, and I assume that if the wine was found to be ostensibly corrupted (whilst being under the species of wine the Blood of Christ, of course) then it would be discarded. The best thing, surely, would have been to invoke a new found respect for Anglo-Catholic beliefs which meant that it was acceptable for you all just to take wafers, as (obviously) the body and blood of Christ is fully present in them.


I saw it happen with a wasp and communion wine. The (very elderly) priest fished it out, then had second thoughts and bustled out to the vestry coming back with either a new or the same cup and wine. I never knew what he had done and I don't know what you did. I suppose I shall just have to live with the suspense.


man, we have it easy over at my neck of the denominational woods. Fish it out no problem, the (non) wine is just a symbol.

My ex RC hubbie has just told me he coughed The Host up onto the floor of the church when it went down the wrong way when he was 10. It may have been the body of Our Lord but the priest scooped it up and threw it in the bin.......


I believe that you're supposed to strain out a gnat, but swallow a camel? ;)

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