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29 April 2009



Happy Birthday to GV Boy!
Surely being ordained when you were is very odd, meaning that you will also score highly on a "longest time in Holy Orders" scale? You might get a gold watch (or stole?) for your 30th anniversary ;-).


I was 25 when I was ordained, which was definitely very young. In those days the youngest age you could be ordained was 23, so I wasn't quite the youngest person ever in the SEC. There aren't many people of such tender years in the ordination discernment process these days, partly because I suspect the system doesn't favour them, partly because who in their right mind is going to give their best years to such a calling, but mostly because there are fewer younger people around the Church!

If I live long enough, I'll have been ordained for forty years by the time I retire. I really hope I'm not still counting myself among the youngsters at that stage!


Honestly, Ryan, you don't get nothin' for 30 years! I dreamed I might, but all you get is abuse from younger clergy like GV!


I honour my older and most venerable brother, Fr Kenny, for his vast experience and long service. He is by no means past it, and deserves many awards for his perseverance!


I'd imagine that 30 years in Holy Orders is still less wearying than 30 years of supporting Partick Thistle, Kenny. ;-)

Beat Attitude

Happy birthday to GV boy/man. 18 now, eh? That means "in" with responsibility, planning for the future, insurance, declining physical health, increasing waistline,approaching old age, incontinence and death. And out with fun. No wonder they let you drink legally now.

;) Welcome to the best years of your life m8

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