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25 April 2009



You should dress as Bono (again!) and sing something; clergy should lead by example! ;-)

Re: Twitter - the forward together website (http://www.forwardtogether.org.uk/) says on Scott Rennie : "Mr Rennie has openly stated that he is intending taking his male partner with him to live in the manse. This has caused enormous tremors throughout the Church as it is aggressively taking the debate on homosexuality onto a new level" Aside from the childishness of calling him "Mr" as opposed to "Rev" I don't see how living with one's partner constitutes agression. Living with a civil partner - if anything - is surely closer to what is expected of heterosexual clergy than a situation where the two parties were living separately.

You should wear an alb or stole whilst speaking - show the presbyterians what they're missing! :-)

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