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30 April 2009



Sorry that your comments are not being heard, and I agree that your moderation policy here is more than fair. Shame about the st.silas egroup, though.


GV, you can comment on my blog any time you like! I dislike, intensely, being told that my comment will appear after the Moderator's approval, but I understand spam issues, and that, sometimes, when you stick your neck out, there are those who will come back with intolerable personal abuse.

However, I, too, get really piddled off when my comments are rejected because the moderator doesn't like what I've said!

My position on the whole gay clergy/same sex blessings was changed through the thoughtful comments and carefully thought out bits in threads in several blogs. (Although I know you would have preferred I jumped in the other direction). How can minds be changed, or hearts turned unless we allow good and honest debate?



Andrew T

Good policy, GV.

It has always amused me how some that would present themselves as being liberal and open-minded are often the most irate and unreasonable when presented with opinions that differ from their worldview. If one has confidence in one's beliefs then you should be happy to open them up to reasoned debate and scrutiny, not try to silence those that have different ideas.

Please keep up the good work with your blog. It is is a most useful and informative place of debate.


That's a shame. Have you contacted the bloggers in question directly?


hello GV
are they blogspot bloggers?
I ask that because there has been a bug on blogspot and even after approving comments they don't appear.

I haven't been this way for a little while. Just wanted to say I do love the new font and the balloons. has a *young* feel to it



I dont think it is a question of truth. Often, dogmatic people just dont like being challenged. I'm not a fan of moderation either. It slows down debate. I have also had comments lost in moderation too (I believe genuinely lost) and share your frustration at the wasted effort put into a post that does not appear.

Perhaps it is best to direct your energies elsewhere, as someone who censors your posts is not likely to listen to your arguments anyway. Refutation is better than censorship, so perhaps they have no basis for their own position - whatever it may be.


Despite the laudable sentiments expressed in this post, half the "The Forthcoming General Assembly of the Church of Scotland" comments appear to have disappeared.Hmmm.


Methinks you are too quick to judge my motives, Ryan. Not censorship at work, but incompetency!


Ah, apologies. I thought you were displaying stereotypical evangelical intolerance ;-).
(you can follow tonight's C of S action on Twitter with "@generalassembly" incidently)

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