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16 April 2009


Beat Attitude

This is verrry funny! Ehrmann is a very clever guy though. Not many people can make this much money from largely unsubstantiated, conspiracy-based pseudo-academic, historic pontification (apart from Dan Brown)?


Come on, don't diss Dan Brown. As Stewart Lee pointed out, it takes a great author to write sentences like " the famous man looked at the red cup" ;-). And creationism, especially the young earth variety, is a lot sillier than the Da Vinci Code :-).


It's funny, but the joke is not on Ehrman. I take it everyone realises that Colbert's performances are ironic and that his show lampoons Republicans, Evangelical Christians and the conservative American "right" in general?

David Keen

If our theology seminars at college had been like this, I'd have remembered a whole lot more. Ehrmann is completely up the creek on 'my God, my God' - the first line of a psalm which goes on to describe the crucifixion - Jesus knew exactly what he was saying.

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