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18 June 2009



gah! I thought we didn't do healing services as part of regular services, never mind offering it to strangers! Sounds a bit weirdly charismatic.

Beat Attitude

Ryan don't be such a moanin' minnie.

Exciting weekend Gadgetvicar, I concur. Looking forward to it greatly!


Sounds a bit Christian to me, Ryan! (Remember that we'd love you to be involved on Sunday afternoon - you could be responsible for the incense...)

Just a wee reminder that the event tomorrow morning is men only. Sorry ladies!


Men only? And evangelicals wonder why they're not regarded as inclusive ;P
What exactly would I be doing with the incense? Are you borrowing the Smoking Handbag of Glory too? :-)


Can someone help me. I am thinking of taking my 12 year old cousin to the Gala day tomorrow afternoon and then thinking of making that fearful step into the church at night to let him experience church.
Now before I ask him, I am wondering if someone could tell me what the gala day and evening service will be like?
What goes on at the gala? Is it suitable for a teenager?
Also, I have been to St Sila's quite a few times and love it - especially deeper. But my wee cousin has never been in a church before - what will the service be like?
Thanks for anyone who can help me out


Hope Mens Room goes well (and you should so explain the title, rather than having people assume that st.silas doesn't know how to use apostrophes accurately!). I'd attend if it was serial killer or something, but this is glasgow; mere murderers are a dime a dozen! ;-)



Gala should be suitable for a teenager - bands/music, stalls, fun things happening.

Service will be singing, video, short talk (promise). Thinking about makeover/makeunder featuring Gok Wan, Alan Carr and that person at a well. Should be warm and friendly. Come and say hi to me if you are there!

Andrew T

Am I correct in thinking that the sermon will be based on "The Woman of Samaria" at Jacob's well as recorded in John 4?


Wow, Gok and Alan are even camper than pisky priests! Should be fun.

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