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09 June 2009


Kelvin Holdsworth

I think I'd be hesitant about saying that the church is not for worship. Apart from the fact that worship can be lifechanging for believers and wonderfully enjoyable, I've know people who are seemingly outside the church be transformed and captivated by God in worship so many times.

It seems to me that worship and reaching the vast numbers of irreligious with the love of Jesus are not opposites. Isn't worship one of the gifts that we have from God for doing just that?


I'm with you - worship is important.

Is one of the problems we have with "mission" in the SEC that we have no sense of the urgency of the call? The speaker yesterday said that, "We have all eternity to worship God", but only one lifetime to communicate the love of God to others. Hopefully we'll get a wee bit of urgency on Friday?


Hope you guys have fun! Am, perhaps madly, v.jealous.


"Love is the extra effort you make in your dealings with people whom you do not like
we must work away at the unlovable chiefly
we must use our love (if it is to be any good at all) it must make a world where everyone
is equally beautiful equally desirable equally lovable"

Quentin Crisp.

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