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17 June 2009



And he was raised Catholic too! How sad that someone prefers happy clappy nutters to Mother Church. Although Moyles' infamous homophobic comments suggest he'd fit right in with the former ;-).
Do find it depressing that confirmation, for example, isn't more popular whereas people like "believer's baptism" because it's more dramatic (that shouldn't be the point, surely?).


Perhaps that's because in the SEC, Baptism is the point at which you 'join the church' and are admitted to communion and confirmation is now an opportunity for affirmation of faith rather than the point at which people started receiving communion.

See http://bit.ly/9GL6o and http://www.scotland.anglican.org/index.php/liturgy/liturgy/holy_baptism_2006/


I loved that totally perked up my morning thanks vicar and lorraine.

Beat Attitude

Amazing. You try to second-guess what unchurched people will think of church, but it's completely impossible to predict. Filming people worshipping can be so invasive, but all credit to whoever filmed that because it captured the corporate spirit without focussing distractingly on faces.

The Fact Compiler

Chris Moyles, bless you.

Baptism discussed on the Radio 1 breakfast show.

Good effort.

You can take the boy out of the Church but you can't take the Church out of the boy.

Deo Gratias!

Joshua Bovis

Fascinating. Seeing people being baptised brought tears to my eyes. Newcastle (Australia) is very similar to Glasgow. Port city, a large binge drinking culture, and hardly anyone knows the Lord Jesus.

Praying for you as proclaim the gospel.

Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of your word...


As the author of the Youtube clip being discussed I have to say when I posted this on Youtube I didn’t expect it to go to 32,000 hits in just 14 days – possibly testimony to Chris’ popularity. But I also think there is a shared interest and genuine surprise that there are a growing number of substantial, contemporary and lively 21st century churches in the UK.

This is because of their relevant and contextualised message of Jesus Christ – a person who just will not be stereotyped and who’s teaching still cuts through the rubbish and hopelessness in today’s society. The message is the same but the relevancy of it comes through crystal clear to a new generation searching for hope when the "wrapper" is right. I was not intending to promote Mega-Church in the UK but to simply highlight that God is on the move in his country and that this does not have to be viewed as “un-cool” any longer. Our responsibility is to GET THE WRAPPER RIGHT!

Link to the original files for shoing in your church are available from http://www.orwellchurch.co.uk


Great Post - thanks. Unusual to read such positive & encouraging response to worship. I may post this video (if I can wok out how to do that)!


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