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08 June 2009



Yes. Save us from a conservative government.


Gordon Brown knows he is above the herd and so will the electorate. He has a duty to remain PM.
It is not always necessary to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


I think Tom Harris should go, actually! Some of his comments are unbelievable.


David : Hmm, wonder if you guys are such good friends because you're both fond of slagging off your bosses in the meedja? ;-)


I think you'll find "slagging off in the meedja" is not something either of us do in our respective roles. We might have asked difficult questions which our superiors disliked, but that is not the same thing at all is it?


Presumably the merits of the distinction is up to the said superiors to decide? One can easily conceive of people who get a hard time for,say, innocous egroup or blog comments that can be perceived as dissent and/or ignoring the usual processes of chain-of-command.
Anyway, I had a ;-) which covers all sins. ;-)!

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