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31 July 2009


Tom Brisson, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Visalia, California

GV, we have a similar game here, but it actually resembles falling down and crawling more than golf. Scots must be much more coordinated when they're hammered than Americans.


Here's last night's hole description:

1. Pint of Tennants and a shot of whisky - par 4 WH*
2. White wine spritzer - par 3
3. Turbo Shandy (lager and smirnof ice) - par 3
4. Double G&T and a shot of aftershock - par 3 WH*
5. Pint of Guiness - par 1
6. 2 Bacardi Breezers - par 2
7. Pint of Diesel (?) - par 3
8. Vodka and Coke & Rum and Coke - par 4 WH*
9. Jagerbomb x2 - par 2

WH = water hazard, i.e. golfers may use toilets on this hole.

Each hole was in a different pub.

Needless to say I didn't partake!


Phew! I would have been under (or dancing on) the table by the fourth "hole".

How was it, drinking a glass of milk at each hole, as I know you will have done?


Well... I was on the receiving end of some very drunken conversations. But it was a great night and gave a few good opportunities to say why I wasn't getting off my face!!!


Witnessing to people when they're drunk is cheating! Guys would agree to sign up to *any* religion - Christianity, Scientology, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Islam (hmm, maybe not that one!) - in such a state. Although they might be more liable to take Alpha seriously than sober and sensible people ;-).

Tom Brisson, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Visalia, California

Man, that is an ocean of booze.


Diesel is a Snakebite with blackcurrent ie agricultural (red) diesel.

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