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23 July 2009



Glad you were blessed at Clan ... but seriously propitiation = anger? Yuck! As you're link to the definition clearly highlights the meaning of the Greek 'Hilasterion' can be translated as either "propitiation" or "expiation" which then imply different functions of the Mercy Seat. Was this a one sided message based on the person's own presuppositions rather than decent exegesis and hermeneutics I wonder!?! To simply assume 'anger' is the appropriate meaning to impose - particularly for a word that is used in some form or another only 4 times in the NT - is beyond me and saddens me that the awesomeness of God and God's atoning work is reduced to such simple terms. But that's fundemental literalism for you! So glad I am not a Clanite. You may find this more balanced and insightful in highlighting the interpretive issues http://theogeek.blogspot.com/2007/07/hilasterion-in-romans-325.html.
Stay blessed, L x

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