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13 July 2009


Kenny Macaulay

GV, (otherwise known as the Grand Slammer), you know what that end of the press is capable of already, surely. "No comment" are the best two words in the world, but then they will make something up anyway! Just ignore it. It'll go away.


Your buddy Akinola slams gays in the press all the time! You should be flatttered ;-).

Kenny Macaulay

It could have been worse. Could have inferred you were a slapper. Such typos are not unknown!


Hmm, I'm curious what the alleged guidance offered to St.Silasites who might think themselves gay is. I don't recall receiving any! ;-)

rache bell

as long as it wasn't a body slam ( as in Big daddy body slam) then they'll be fine



Here's me thinking you'd be an advocate of Bruno's "Straight Pride"!


Well, I'm obviously very butch by evangelical standards but that's not a terribly difficult accolade to achieve. Str8-acting 4 life!

Although sadly, unlike clergy, I don't get *paid* to be camp ;-).


Are you saying that the suppository of all news got it wrong? I find it hard to believe that the Sun is anythong ither than relble.


They even have page 3 online! Yesterday's story with David was only the Sun's SECOND best gay story, after :

And The Sun of (say) 10-15 years ago would have went for a "Bender Weddings Gay-OK, says Poof Priest" headline, so am glad we're living in (relatively) more progressive times.

Kenny Macaulay

"Bender Weddings Gay-OK, says Poof Priest" Thank you Ryan for that mindbending headline which will haunt my day.


You're welcome. Am sure said headline would be suitable for the FOCA newsletter too o{];-).


Finally saw Bruno and so now get above reference. Movie was hilarious! And it featured evangelical ex-gay superstar Paul "kicked out of the APA for making stuff up" Cameron (the older guy, in the scene after the pastor with the fabulous lips). Am assuming that Robert Gagnon was too busy... ;-)

Tom Brisson

Hi, Padre!

I think people with no sense of humor should be banned from church weddings... no chance of a good marriage there.


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