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29 July 2009



Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope it gets sorted out. Personally I maintain that clergy, like nurses and doctors, should get stickers in their window allowing them to park wherever they want as long as they like. What if was someone was on their deathbed and wanted to give a confession and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour, for example - that's not a circumstance when clergy should be rushing about trying to find a nearby public car park!


Peter O

Next time, first thing to do is to ask them to find out who was driving the car, as it is the driver who is liable, not the owner of the car (i.e. the person who parked it). They have to prove in a court of law that you were driving it at the time, and short of photographic evidence they simply wouldn't have a case. Even if you know you were driving it, you still go back to them and ask them to address it to the person who was driving the car at the time.


Thanks Ryan and Peter,

Strictly speaking, it's a fair cop - I drove in at 15:10:52, looked around, took advice from a salesperson, made a purchase at 15:51 (I have the timed receipt and have sent a copy to the parking co. and the CEO of Halfords), left the car in Halfords fitting bay to have the part fitted, returned and left at 16:44:33. I simply couldn't have left any earlier because Halfords had the keys to the motor! Because the company uses number plate recognition software, and they only allow an hour parking, I've been well and truly "done". Not happy but will keep this blog updated with my case!

Peter O

It's not a fair cop. We're dealing with the law here.

You might want to google TPS Parking Solutions - You'll find lots of other advice about the nature of the contract that you may or may not have entered into with them.


This sounds all wrong. Were there signs clearly saying you could only park for an hour?


Man, you get everywhere Peter! ;-)

Beat Attitude

Yeah, I'd have to side with Peter on this. If you were taking liberties and got caught, then fair enough, it's wrong to try to avoid it.

But you have a legitimate case, so continue to write to them and request that they see sense, and give a formal answer to your case. You'll probably get a few threatening letters that don't formally respond to your complaints (saying "we have read your letter but regret that..."), but don't give in until you get a satisfactory response that specifically addresses your questions.

Then eventually they'll either realise your claim is legitimate, or make a cost/benefit analysis and write it off. Either way, they probably won't be polite enough to tell you that they don't intend to pursue it. Most of the time they get their money by playing chicken with individuals.

Miss Tulip also had a situation like this where she parked by mistake in what used to be a hospital staff car park but had since changed to a public pay & display. Treated her very badly despite her polite remonstrance. How rude!


No company up to any good has the word "Solutions" anywhere near its name.


Good news: By return of post, TPS have now told me that no further action will be taken. Their customer services are swift.

I wonder if I'll hear from Halfords too?


Hurrah! Good news.

ED.. : it might be permissible for a company that solves equations or the like. Although I'd be worried that they inadvertently call themselves "Final Solutions" or similar.

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