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15 July 2009



Hmm, I thought the crowd was more diverse than I expected (although doubtless my turning 30 means I also qualify as an old fogie!).Overheard a girl in the q for tshirts saying she was "minus 7" when Born to Run was released! My highlights were the spine-tingling versions of Atlantic City and The Rising, and was impressed with the version of Incident on 57th Street (Junglelands or 41 Shots {American Skin} would have been my request). IMHO Nebraska is Springsteen's best album, but it doesn't really lend itself to arena shows.

I was impressed with that sparkly pink cadillac sign someone made. I couldn't have done any better ;-).
In the talking bits, did you not find yourself thinking that Springsteen would have made an excellent preacher, or was that just me ?

Planning on wearing the grey tour tshirt to st.silas this sunday, and would appreciate confimation that you won't be similarly garbed! Priests should be in vestments anyway....


Age - maybe all the old fogies were in the seated area (though I think you were seated too, which would make you a right old fogey too).

He does like to emulate a certain kind of southern pentecostal preacher (ever seen Robert Duvall in "The Apostle"?).

No t-shirt for me, so you are ok. Sorry I'll not be there to see you wearing it.

Vestments? Remind what those are for again?


Much better atmosphere on the pitch. Started pouring when we got in (J came btw - and loved it!!) and everyone scarpered for cover or the bar so we go right onto the barrier. Good view, nice people round us inc. an older couple in their mid 60's that danced with each other the whole night. It was sweet to see. Oh and there was a 9 yr old kid beside me on a plastic box his dad had brought...

Best stadium gig for a long time, beat U2 a few years ago by a mile...

Agree with the 'preacher' description...Ryan, thought the Pink Cadillac was YOUR sign ;)

Will post a link for some pics soon.


Not seen The Apostle but I see that Johnny Cash's missus is in it, which is pretty cool. The Boss , surely, lends himself to a sermon far more than many of the other figures/movies etc that get invoked in the interests of cultral relevance? A "What Would Jesus Say to Bruce Springsteen?" service would be stirring. Although our Lord would probably just tell the Boss to keep up the good work :-).

>>>>>>>>>>Vestments? Remind what those are for again?

Gah! Vestments are sacred! And lovely! What's the point of you FOCA schismatic types taking a short cut to (albeit Mickey Mouse) bishoprics if you're not going to rock the appropriate outfits? ;-)


Who was the girl who got on stage during Working On The Highway? At first I thought it might have been Bruce's daughter but I'm not sure now.

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