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25 August 2009



Stephen Fry had a mini-blog post on this very topic yesterday!

Am guessing that said amount of emails is more than a normal priest would get, suggesting it's your own fault for being a leading light (!) of the nasty anti-gay FOCA schismatic movement! ;-)

Beat Attitude

A lot of churches do not have a direct way of contacting the vicar, and I see the point in that. You often have to email or call via an admin person. Of course people need pastoral contact, but that can easily be arranged in a way that is sensitive both to the concerns of the person and the schedule of the church leader. Certainly in a comparable business situation, the more effective managers would have a system like that in place, with a P.A. or secretary.

I think the first step is to set up an autoresponder saying something like "your email has been received. Anything requiring urgent attention should be directed to your church administrator" etc...

Email filters are often not enough, because there's a terrible draw towards any folder with unread messages in it.

AFter the autoresponder is set up, you apportion a set amount of time every day to deal with email. Say 45 minutes. If you don't get time to finish replies, that's usually OK, because people have received the autoresponder and know how to reach you when it becomes urgent.

The ideal situation is having all your email read by a trusted third party who can filter it for you, but that might be unfeasible. But a fair amount can come through the church admin, I'd expect?

At what point does the frog decide the water is getting too hot? How much is too much email? What are the indicators that it's affecting other, more important things?

I have two partitions on the PC so that when I'm doing recording work, I can't check my email or internet: I have to reboot, which takes about 3 minutes. It's just enough time to keep me focussed on the task at hand.

Sometimes the answer is two email apps.One for everything, one for stuff forwarded from the church secretary. I don't know if Ruth's job description covers that, so I'm not trying to add to her work here: I'm talking theoretically!

And don't keep outlook on all day, that spells trouble!


try delete

Beat Attitude

LOL actually Rache is right :)

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