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19 August 2009



Ugh! Don't rate U2 after finding out that they are satan supporters (see www.goodfight.org under exposes).


U2 are Satan supporters!?

Ryan, You'll be pleased to know that I am not quite the fundamentalist some pigeon-hole me as! Do you want to chip in here with your thoughts on this, or should I kick off?


Feel free! Doubtless it provides compelling proof that Bono and the boys are part of the illuminati, alongside Jews and Freemasons. Checking out their site, I see that Transformers is Gnostic propaganda (whereas, as all Family Guy viewers know, Optimus Prime is Jewish). Their piece on U2 is quite amazingly stupid. And their citing of the band's Helter Skelter cover - as if it was somehow The Beatles' fault that Manson slaughtered people and was obsessed with the song - is disgusting (and best countered by "Charles Manson stole this from The Beatles. We're stealing it back"). That Mr Macphisto evolved from a character parodying US TV evangelists no doubt made Bono an enemy of the "Christian" Mad.

I always knew there were more extreme Christians than you - I assume that the purpose of inviting some of the previous african speakers was to make you look good! ;-)

With you on Glasvegas. I never really liked October (come on, how many songs on it would you put in an all time U2 top ten.twenty?) although it is their most overtly "Christian" album (I always think that Bono is better when talking about the doubts and loves of Christianity than speechifying, but that might be a liberal thing..)

Goodfight.org also don't like Eminem, although I'm with them on (chas veshalom!) N*Sync.

The Red Zone does indeed sound impressive, although I gather only *some* of the proceeds go to charity so hope you didn't bid too much! Perhaps, instead of spending the money on a silly big hall, the church could use the Building for the Future cash to let you attend all the other U2 tour dates in the Red Zone (that's what I'd do!) ? ;-)


Don't feed the trolls!


More pics here...



I agree with you - the gig was amazing.

i wasn't over impressed with the support - i agree that snow patrol would have been amazing. but then, the stadium was still quiet during the support allowing us to find the best sopt to stand!

people who couldn't see - i'm sorry, but you must have been able to see a bit of the HUGE screen that was hanging!! and if you want a good view, get off your bum and stand (or next time pay for a ticket that isn't "restricted viewing")! if the claws weren't there - what would hold the screen up?! the sound problems during "walk on" were not the band's fault - i thought they dealt with it well, with the edge taking control, and i thought it made the show special.

bono really goes all out for the glasgow shows, i thought the set list was almost indulgent - basically all the old classics. the set lists from the other shows don't seem to have been so strong. i guess i'm biased, they were all my favourites: apart from the ones from new album, which i don't know too well yet, if it had been me personally chosing the set list it would have been pretty much identical!!

the bit with the masks was beautiful - only bono could pull that off.

i thought the sound quality was excellent, better than last time they played at hampden in '05.

i'd have liked a stronger song to finish, but with or without you as the second last song (again!) was incredible.

lighting and staging was incredible. i heard bono say once that they are a band who invests in the future, i think that sums it up well. having the bridges between the stage and the platform move was fantastic - everyone standing had a "turn" of seeing bono (and all the others) walk past.

finally, i totally agree with you about the worship. it was more than the music making me buzz last night!


I was glad that Unforgettable Fire got a good response (although I noticed there wasn't much moshing in the standing bit while it played - but then, the song *is* about Hiroshima)). I hear U2 even played "Bad" at Dublin. It would be cool if "A Sort of Homecoming" got played again -but according to wikipedia(!), it got shelved as Bono kept forgetting its lyrics on the Elevation tour!


I see I've touched a raw nerve here. I used to like U2 but there were enough questions to want me to investigate what the truth was. Actually, there's more groups than Good fight have identified problems with U2 and/or their music. Its disturbing that most people seem to think that a sensual high equates to worship. If you look at the bible (which after all is supposed to be the guide for our faith) the true worshippers were quite open about their worship and who was the subject of that worship; they didn't leave it to supposition and inference rightly or wrongly. If you had an emotional high out of the u2 concert good for you but that doesn't mean of itself that a) the experience was spiritual or b) that it was of the REAL Lord Jesus. Problem is that Charismatics (and I should know I used to be, and in that Glasgow elim church to boot) think worship is about entertainment, plus Mark Stibbe type teaching that basically says you can twist almost anything to give it a Christian meaning if you try hard enough. The horrible irony is that they think with their highs and manifestations that their are becoming more spiritual; the truth is that in seeking sensual highs they are becoming more carnal.
As far as Ryan is concerned, yes there are some conspiracy theories but equally there is conspiracy fact; freemasonry etc. can be such a problem that even non-christian mps saw its dangers vis a vis perverting law and justice that they held enquiries into it.The devil does exist and has evil plans of which scripture warsn us though, Ryan liberal as you are you probably don't believe the new testament. I do not endorse everything on good fight any more than I endorse evrything on other websites , christian or otherwise. Having been led into all sorts of garbage such as Todd Bentley's 'Lakeland revival' by undiscerning leaders who demanded blind trust and that we trusted their 'discernment', I am convinced now more than ever that those of us who genuinely want to hold to the true gospel need to obey the scriptural command to test everything. Lastly, rev. McCarthy I doubt anyone sees you as a fundamentalist Christian for if you were you would have taken your church out of the apostate episcopal denomination a long time since.

Beat Attitude

"groups than Good fight have identified problems with"...

Let me guess...

Michael Jackson,
Bruce Springsteen,
Tina Turner,
David Bowie,
Van Halen,
Huey Lewis & The News,
The Cars,
Herbie Hancock,
Bonnie Tyler,
Stevie Nicks,
Men At Work,
ZZ Top,
Paul MCartney & Michael Jackson,
Weird Al Yankovic,
Cyndi Lauper,
Pink Floyd,
The Pretenders,
Billy Joel,
Billy Idol,
Elton John,
Neil Young,
Sheena Easton,
Patty Smith & Scandal,
Big Country,
Morris Day & The Sign,
John Lennon




I see you've moved on from taking a pop at U2 and those who enjoy their creativity to knock... well, let's see:

Charismatics (Glasgow Elim in particular?)
Mark Stibbe (Anglican)
Ryan (not sure how to describe him really!)
Lakeland Revival (and those who endorsed it)
Rev McCarthy (that's me - not used to being called that)
The Scottish Episcopal Church.

That's a whole bunch of people effectively written off. No doubt many of us are in error in some way or other, and certainly we are sinners, but you know what? I reckon whatever church you now belong to, you'll have not a few people who are just as mixed up, in sin or just plain wrong. There is no perfect church this side of glory, so yes, we need constant discernment lest we become either miserable and joyless or comfortable and carnal. Both places are where Satan would love us to stay.

So, I encourage people to take personal sin seriously (root it out in your life), test everything (ask questions of yourself and what you do), affirm as much as is Godly (be positive, not negative), enjoy what God has created, but check that it is beneficial (a good Biblical test).

Lastly, be careful who and how you judge, because Someone else will judge you one day.

More Grace required for me.

Comments on the U2 gig only from here on in, if you please.

Iain Campbell

I loved the U2 gig, quite spectacular. Disappointed that people aren't enamoured with Glasvegas, I think they're the most significant bands to come out of Glasgow in a long while, but they're not really mass market.

I had a look at this "Good Fight" website and was quite surprised to see how they could take some out of context quotes from U2 songs and from interviews with Bono and twist them for their own purposes. I guess this shouldn't really have surprised me as people do it with the Bible all the time!


I have been listening to the Hours album, See The Light, this evening. It's a grower, with some great tunes and excellent production (Flood).

Glasvegas just don't grab me, and looking at the crowd, they weren't grabbed either. Their music just has that effect. The test for them will be if they can survive the hype and develop a sophomore recording.


>>>>loved the U2 gig, quite spectacular. Disappointed that people aren't enamoured with Glasvegas, I think they're the most significant bands to come out of Glasgow in a long while

What an accolade! That's up there with the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!

(Blue Nile. Mogwai and Franz Ferdinand are all right I suppose. But that's about it. )

NB I hope everybody noted that, according to Goodfight.org, you become a satanist if you wear a cross and it goes upside down. Presumably Christians aren't allowed to ride rollercoasters, despite said prohibition not being spelled out in the New Testament. That said, I quite agree that going to a U2 concert to worship Jesus would be wrong (lucky no-one did that then, eh?)and that said concert is no more or less inherently spiritual than a REM or Springsteen one. Shame inane biblioalatory isn't similarly recognised as a temptation to be avoided. Tangentially, I don't see why the larry grasons get such a hard time from evangelicals. Ooodles of clergy are on the square, and the outfits are often fabulous.

David - you should embrace your Fr.Gadgetvicar nickname!


>Ryan (not sure how to describe him really!)

For shame! I'm - as you know - a good orthodox biblical Anglican, who believes in Salvation by Good Taste, pink candles, vestments and that you can't beat a bishop! I was even wearing a humeral veil this week - so there!


It was a bold move for the band to start with 4 songs from the latest album, but I do think they earned their place. Prior to the gig, I listened to every U2 album (including best ofs!) in alphabetical order, and I quite agree that No Line on the Horizon is in their top 5 and - possibly - in the top 3 (behind Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree of course). I'd put Breathe in their top 5 songs EVER too (actually, and at the risk of being accused of musical heresy, ahead of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For).


>>Morris Day & The Sign,

!? You surely mean Morris Day and *The Time* , recognised by no less an authority as Jay and Silent Bob as the best band in the world?!

"Jerome, bring me my mirror!" ;-)

Love how you squeezed Huey Lewis and The News into such mostly-august company :-).



Oh, I don't know. Some might suggest a bishop or two who could do with a good beating.

You are teasing with your reference to a humeral veil - what were you up to?


>>> suggest a bishop or two who could do with a good beating.

Such as ++Peter Akinola? Liberals tend to be too nice and inclusive for such actions! ;-)

See facebook for humeral veil photo! Am wearing a Sprinsteen tshirt at the same time, a state of affairs that you can surely relate to o{]:-)|)+.

Tom in California

I am soooo jealous! I heard about all these great U2 concerts in Ireland and the UK and I wanted to go so badly ... well, at least I can watch the videos here -- thanks for sharing them with us, Padre.

Couldn't get my computer to find the GV blog for several days, I finally get it fixed and, lo, U2! Fabulous!


Am sure U2 are playing California!
I wish more people had taken photos of the external giant glitterball at the end! It was like a giant camp star of Bethlehem :-).


I've seen U2 band many times… They have captivated millions of fans worldwide. Last time I got my U2 tickets for their last concert but before I compare prices for free via this http://www.ticketwood.com/u2/

The band was up for it from the start...waited along time to catch & It was really a great concert.


NB - Did I tell you that I'm now semi-related to someone who knows someone who's pals with Bono? How cool is that!? Surely, its even more impressive than being on Peter Akinola's speedial ;-).

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