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15 September 2009



and so you'll make sure Friday is your day off then?? :-)


I love the FIF description of you as "The Revd David McCarthy
Rector of St Silas, Glasgow, and a leading figure in Scottish Episcopal Evangelical Fellowship" ; is "leading figure" a euphemism for "sole member"? ;-) And inviting a Monsignor indeed! Reactionary Fundamentalism ain't what it used to be ;-).

And I hope "The Hopes and Fears of Evangelicals in the SEC" is something other than They're After Our Children Akinola-esque rhetoric. The stuff on Anglican monasticism and high view of the priesthood sounds very cool though.I think this would be an ideal opportunity for you to utilise your Fr.Gadgetvicar nickname!

And I really hope you take advantage of

" 4.00pm The Chapel will be open for private prayer
in front of the Blessed Sacrament"

You'd probably suit a humeral veil too :-).


Enjoy every minute GV!



SEEF - we've got the membership list, and it has a lot more names on it than just mine!


So is this different from the dodgy Scottish Anglican Network that assorted st.silasers signed up to in protest at gay clergy?


oops, forgot : ;-)


NB All defenders of free speech and opponents of the sort of judgmental bullying that give the church a bad name - and that contrasts so dispiritingly with David's inclusive and construtive moderation policy, and engagement with those who disagree with him - are encouraged to join :


And - for the record - I would of course stand up for Andrew T (for example) or any other conservative/evangelicals facing a similar situation.


Greater love hath no Evangelical than this. Those Forward-in-Faith-ites *drink*! And some of them even *smoke*!!!

fr dougal

I have always found it fascinating but deeply peculiar when the Forward in Lace mob snuggle up against the cold blast of "progressiveness" with their evangelical brethren. The Evangelical agenda seems overshadowed by sexuality, the FiF by opposition to Wifie Priests. The Evangelicals can accept women's ministry and the FiF's (nationally in the UK) have more gay clergy than you can shake a stick at. How on earth do you find common ground beyond; "The Liberals dinnae like us"?

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