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24 September 2009


Beat Attitude

Great stuff!

Wondering about the theological ramifications of "christening" a bible in the same way they used to do for new trainers at school...

Tom in California

I'm not a scholar. When I read the Gospels, I look for things that are not said. It strikes me that Jesus had no interest in:

1. ego
2. convenience
3. security

He wasn't in the least bit concerned about things I have spent much of my life concerned about -- except perhaps to say "let go."


If it was the standard issue Church of Scotland New Testament, no wonder it was tiny. Not much left in it... ;-)

Cathy Wilson

Gosh - how brave of you to read all of Matthew!

I have bother with letting even a few verses sink in and be applied - I have to speak them and speak them and speak them and oddly enough I then find them a real help.

Well done David



I recommend six-shot lattes (my favoured starbuck tipple!) - you'll be outtheologising the other ministers in no time! Any RC priests there, or is it just a protestant shindig?

Your new Bible sounds fancy; personally I hate the tendency to put positive quotes on the back of certain editions. It's not far off selling God's Word with Amazon review blurbs ( "3 Stars - starts slowly but picks up when the protaganist finally shows up - over halfway through! It then turns into an epistolatory novel but recovers for a cracking ending with the mother of all fight scenes. I'd be interested in reading another book by the same author. Not as good as Harry Potter though") . ;-)

Fr Dougal

Clergymen reading the Bible togrether in public: gosh, I thought that was " strictly for consenting adults in private" activity:-)! I 've found reading an Epistle as a complete chunk a helpful exercise from time to time. Gives you an overview of the author's situation.


Further to Ryan's comment, I once read a quote years ago by someone (and I can't remember who wrote it)! It was a man who said that when they were younger they had had to "suffer" the discipline of reading the Bible cover to cover and he said "God is an extremely uneven writer, but when He's good, no one can touch him!"


Slagged for having an ESV?
There is a Starbucks on Byers Road?? I would slag you for going to an American cafe in Glasgow. Surely there are better cafes on Byers Road?

Ahhhh - do miss the place. Pity that Australia is so far away.


the only surprise is that there is only one starbucks on Byres Road. Glasgow is full of 'em. As well it should be - Starbucks rocks :-)

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