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04 September 2009



Evensnog at St.Silas, hurrah! Looking forward to Monday's service. Although I think there would be many (well, at least one!) who don't agree with the new no-Communion-at-Evening-Services policy. One shouldn't have to wade through unruly children in the morning to receive the Blessed Sacrament! ;-)

Lorraine Darlow

And ... don't forget that on Monday night we launch the CPAS 'Growing Leaders' course! Young folk from different churces in the westend will be signing up for 8 months of training and mentoring. But Ryan, since I'll have many 14-19 year olds in the main church whilst the decommissioning servce is happening in the hall, I do hope it will be Evensong ou guys ae up to! If there is Even-snogging going on I fear it would not set a good example and my credibility as a Christian leader may be called into question by the other churches entrusting their young people to us ;)

And children are not unruly ... they are children, and the very core of the church community with an important role in modelling the kingdom to us. Church isn't Church without them!! But you could always have coffee and croissant in the evening with some Christian brothers and sisers in Offshore instead - it's just as symbolic after all ;)

Stay blessed!
L x


Teenagers snog more than adults, so evensnogging would - if anything- help give St.Silas a more down with da kids sort of feel ;-)

And Christ is not Really Present under the species of coffee and croissant! o{]:-)

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