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08 September 2009



Travis?! Atrocious Clyde One sludge. You're not *that* middle aged! ;-)

How about :
Box of Rain - Grateful Dead
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - Cleerence Clearwater Revival
I'll Take the Rain - R.E.M.
Purple Rain - Prince
Rain Man - Eminem
See The Sky About To Rain - Neil Young
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan
The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
Tears in Rain - Vangelis (from Blade Runner soundtrack)
Rainy Day - Coldplay

And, of course, Rain - The Beatles. The U2 version of that song is great too! I remember when they played at an event that had Presidents Clinton, Bush snr and Dubya present - Bono changed the lyrics to " When the rain comes, it gets 3 Presidents out of bed" :-)


how about The Rain King b Counting Crows


Scottish Rain - the silencers,
Lord rain in me?
The Day we caught the t rain - Ocean colour s cene


Kelvin Holdsworth

It's Raining Men.



I'm guessing that you have "Ocean Rain" by Echo and The Bunnymen on your iPod - excellent album ( even the "c-c-c-cucumber, c-c-c-cabbage" song!). Other great songs you probably own featuring rain :

So.Central Rain - R.E.M.
Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
November Rain - Guns N Roses

(Don't know if including all of Radiohead's "In Rainbows" album is cheating; U2 have a "Summer Rain" track on "U2: Medium, Rare and Remastered" too)

.. And , of course, no episcopal priest's iPod is complete without , hands down, the best ever song featuring "rain" - It's Raining Men!

(hallelujah) ;-)



Kelvin has completely lived up to your expectations.....

You'll be sad to know that while Echo & the Bunnymen, R.E.M., Leonard Cohen, Guns N Roses and Radiohead all feature on the GV Ipod, The Weather Girls definitely do not........(it's bad enough that I know, without looking it up, mind, who sang "It's Raining Men"!).

By the way, as I type this.....It's Raining Again (Supertramp)!


I actually quite like the Geri Halliwell version myself! ;-)
Actually, my own iPod music library is very straight acting (don't even have Madonna's "Rain"!), so I'm perhaps letting the episcopal side down by not featuring *any* version of "It's Raining Men".

The Magnolia soundtrack (featuring "Goodbye Stranger" and "The Logical Song") is on my iPod, but isn't it nigh-on-impossible to listen to Supertramp without thinking of the Harry Hill busker joke?


Just in case anyone hasn't heard it :

"I saw in the street, a terrible sight, an old man in ragged clothes standing with his palm outretched. And he was singing 'when I was young it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.'

I went up to him and said 'Supertramp' and he said 'thanks very much, I do my best'"

:-D !


"Let it Rain" by Michael W Smith

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