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20 September 2009



Listened. Fame! Like how you introduce yourself to popstars as Dave, not David, presumably because it sounds younger and trendier :-).


All that obsessing about Florence payed off then! Haha, I have such a cool dad ;)
But since when were you called Dave?!


It's not bad for an old guy, apart from her "waking up next to a vicar". That would have been so wrong.......

To you, lovely daughter, I shall now be known as "Sir".

To be clear - many people call me Dave, including uncle GVBro. The folk who don't are mostly St Silasites, perhaps because it sounds way too chummy. They don't have to call me "Sir", though!

GV Girl 1 & GV Girl 2

Dave sounds like a name for a dog, says GV Girl 2!


Woof, GV Girls!

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