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09 September 2009



Hmm, don't know that Oasis song (the band sucked and never wrote a song as good as Free Love on the Free Love Freeway, although they did many in that style). But Liam's pronounciation of sunshine - soon-she-iiiine! - was kinda cool.

How about :

Waitin' On A Sunny Day - Bruce Springsteen
Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine - Brian Wilson (from Smile)
Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun - Pink Floyd
Light and Day/Reach For The Sun - Polyphonic Spree
Around The Sun - R.E.M. *
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael ( and "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Elton John!")
Ain't No Sunshine - Michael Jackson (or the Will Young version)
Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
Song For Sunshine - Belle and Sebastian
Sunlight - Wu Tang Clan
Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) - Coldplay

Here Comes The Sun is better than Good Day Sunshine but - especially today! - there's no need to just have one Beatles track on a playlist. I always liked "Sun King" from the Abbey Road (still my 2nd favourite Beatles album) medley too.

* the song, not the album. The latter is (IMHO) the only bad REM album, although it does contain the excellent I Wanted to Be Wrong and Electron Blue.


Sun Arise - Rolf Harris
Everyday is like Sunday - Morrissey
That's the way I like it - KC and the I think you get it.
Sun Enchanted Evening?
Sun of all fear - Tom Clancey, no wait...


Hope you weren't too blinded not to notice the new Florence date ;)



Two days before Porcupine Tree! Ticket is ordered. What a gig week that will be!


I hope it doesn't snow soon.... I don't think I can cope with all these weather based blogs!!!!!


Snow (hey ho) - Chilli Peppers
Snow - JJ72
Run, Chasing Cars, Set the fire to the third bar...



No snow patrol, as they suck, and a list of Colplay songs would be cheating,but how about the following (and you probably own most of these!). No Christmas songs (also cheating) - Jingle Bells is not a song but a hymn with a wintery kinda vibe :

Cold As Ice - Foreigner (if they're good enough for the last scene in The Sopranos, they're good enough for me!)
White As Snow - U2 ( underlooked as comes immediately before Breathe - easily one of the 5 best U2 songs ever - on NLOTH, but understated and lovely folksy ballad)
Winter - Tori Amos
Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Snow Blind - Kiss
Break The Ice - Britney Spears (a good Christian girl, fine rolemodel, and talented singer. Better than Take That mince anyday!)
Icicle - Tori Amos (great live)
Snowbound- Genesis
Ice, Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
Jingle Bells - Various Artists (we should sing this every week at St.Silas!)
Ice M.F.T. - Ice-T
Zero - Smashing Pumpkins ( 2 songs called Zero I know, but Smashing Pumpkins are surely the proggiest of grunge era rock bands. Better than Pearl Jam if not Nirvana).


Gah, my snow/ice playlist comment didn't show up!!


Thanks! Although I don't see why you need to moderate comments anyway! It must be time consuming.

PS - Only 13 weeks until Pink Candle Sunday!

Math Campbell

Pet Hate: it's "iPod". The "i" is an abbreviated word (originally on the iMac it stood for "internet", but also "individual" and "imagine" apparently).

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