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20 November 2009



Love love love that song. A v popular track in clubs too. Hope tomorrow goes well. Just to check tho- does GVB *know* he wants to be a postman yet?? Or is they interview a suprise Christmas present? ;oD

fr dougal

Great to see that most catholic of festivals (CTK) being observed in unexpected corners! But that posties question is a loaded one:ruling out the work to rulers is part of a management strategy to make sure newbies won't go out with the strikers once the Christmas truce is past. Lord Voldemort of Hartlepool is briefing the managers as efficently as the Iron Lady did Ancient MacGregor against the Unions!


Hmm, do you Scottish Episcopal Evangelical Alliance have a position on the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill? Your past statements on being for "civil rights for everyone" suggest that you should object to a bill than includes the death penalty for those engaging in homosexuality and years in jail for merely *identifying* as gay.But then it might not be very politik to criticise (and so publicise) the appalling cant and bigotry of the "orthodoxy" of Akinola et all.

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