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20 December 2009



Of course, the other overlap is that all clergy are camp, so it's unsurprising that many - like yourself- have a gift for (and experience with) the theatrical! o{]:-)

As for Carol Service:I know we often go with a modernised Mary and the like, but do you never fancing donning a grey beard and doing a God-As-Charlton-Heston style sketch? You could smite people! I think that would be cool.


Oh, I've done the Charlton Heston thing, Ryan, believe me.

All clergy are camp? I think that's wishful thinking! Or......is it being made compulsory now?



Surely it's been an unacknowledged-prerequisite for centuries!;-) Come on : name ONE non-camp clergyman?

Beat Attitude

The "MD", of course.

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