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08 December 2009



>>To find a parking space so easily, brought a huge smile to my face.

Watching too many Star Wars movies, apparently you have been.

Man, if only more bishops were like Yoda, eh?


There's no guarantee your car wouldn't be dented with a ten min walk... Maybe it was a family in a hurry with a sick kid? Bad luck tho.

Don't you have a "Vicar on Call" badge for your car thus allowing special parking privilidges??


Should said stickers exist, they would only be of use in England, and any clergyman using them in Scotland would CERTAINLY warrant the full wrath of Parking Attendants


Just repeat the old prayer:

"Holy Mary, Full of Grace,
Help me find a parking space!"

BTW I have seen "Minister on Call" stickers, which would be preferable for Scottish use if you don't like "Priest on Call" - "Minister" is a good Prayer Book term, whereas "Vicar" is meaningless in Scotland except for Vicars-General of Roman Catholic dioceses, with whom I don't expect you would want to be confused!



He's not GadgetMinister... Nor GadgetPriest!


Then ,surely, Rev.Rector-Gadget is the only accurate alternative.

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