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02 December 2009



As Paul discoursed on righteousness, self-control
and the Judgement to come,
Felix was afraid and said
"That's enough for now. You may leave.
When I find it convenient,I will send for you"

Acts 24:25.


That looks like a brilliant conference David, and well worth the money. It's so important to ensure church leaders can maintain a global perspective. Here's hoping people will be generous with their christmas prezzies to Gadgetvicar!


Hmm, so, if people had to choose, should they contribute to this or bailing out Wesley Owen? ;-)


Hey, I've got an idea : why don't you enlist St.Silas' many talented musos to do a Live Aid-style charity single to support the send-GV-to-the-conference cause? I'd pay good (well,some) money to hear their version of Jingle Bells, It's Raining Men or We're Sending Our Love Down The Well :-).

NB - Given the location,are you not bitterly disappointed that said conference isn't in June/July 2010?


It would cost a whole lot more to go during the World Cup. How much work do you think we'd get done anyway?

"VicarAid"! Now that would be fun. Have I ever shown you my Geldof impersonation?


Is it like the Bono one but without the shades? ;-) Am (pleasantly) surprised that you've never adopted SirBob's (albeit apocryphal) "Give us your foo---' money!" approach when appealing for funds ;-).


Looks like the new atheists have you worried:-) What exactly is a new atheist anyway? Was Hume a "new atheist"? Maybe someone can tell me so I can mould into a stereotype.

Why do fundamentalists capatilise TRUTH? Sceptics are open to persuasion, it's just that christinity has failed to persuade us. Fundamentalists however are closed minded.

A tip from a non believer - when the church actually agrees on what you can or cant do or can or cant believe about the origins of humanity, then you might not look like you are actually getting some instruction from your god. This is the most bizarre thing about those who "KNOW" the TRUTH. They cant agree


I guess we all worry one another in some way, or we wouldn't bother checking out one another's blogs?

Maybe this conference will be an opportunity for at least some believers to get some agreement going.......


Good point Billy - it struck me the other day that the glaring failings in Alpha-style popular apologetics mean that - for all their proponent's pretensions of Saving the World - it's really a creepy form of manipulation aimed at those psychologically predisposed to react to it (the stereotypically middle-class who want to assuage their guilt over spending too much money on property/in Waitrose?); Fundamentalists (c.f Left Behind guff) revel in fantasies where the world burns whilst their cult is glorified. There must be thousands (millions?) of people who go through a process like : are told, politely and otherwise, that Christians have to regard the Bible as literally and eternally true; realise that this historical record (to say the least) means that 'Synagogue of Satan' or 'Pharisee' references are not an article portrayal of Judaism ; decide that Christianity per se must be a nonsense. They have not 'lost' their faith - they have been pushed away from it by the hubris of fundamentalists. It boggles my mind that, in 2009, there are still Christians claiming that Judaism has no concept of grace, or purveying 'Christianity is too wacky to be invented so it must be true' (surely - cor ad cor loquitur - the story of the Incarnation and Passion resonate on our deepest levels?) or 'the gospels must be eyewitness acounts because realism [define?] wasn't invented[overnight?] until centuries later'(are you really suggesting that a text not fitting easily in a pre-existing literary form - assuming, for the sake of argument, that one concedes the conceit - is less likely than it being a literal account miracles? 'Miraculous claims require miraculous evidence' as yer man Hume would say.

Kudos to Fr.Gadgetvicar for attending (with the SEC Big Bish) The Wave yesterday! And I daresay that most piskies, despite a small number of reactionary fundamentalists in evangelical churches, would have no problem for defending the science of Evolution.

NB : If you're going to do a 'Lesbian Bishop Elected in LA - Down With This Sort of Thing!" blog post David,then, in the interests of consistency (given Lambeth 1:10's condemnation of violence against gay people) I hope you'll be denouncing the Ugandan Church (well-represented at GAFCON?)'s support for the anti-homosexuality bill that will lead to a genocide against gay people? What would Bono do?


Hi Ryan,

My big concern is what they mean by the battle for minds. Given religious history in general (and the SCP agenda as an example) I suspect some form of christian taliban may be on the cards.

GV, I wonder how you change the mind of someone who believes god is telling them to do something. At least with creationists I can challenge their philosophy and present evidence. When someone has a conviction, then they "KNOW" their authority out ranks anything that you say.

The word NOT should not have been in this sentence "you might not look like you are actually getting some instruction from your god"

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