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15 January 2010



Why would you doubt this GV? God gave us dugs to teach us about faithfulness and trust and unconditional love, so that those who do not know the meaning of Jesus know what we're talking about when we mention His nature!

fr dougal

Of course - and Pat Robertson will spend eternity scooping up thier poop!


So do monkeys (but not, hopefully, creationists ;-))


God promised that heaven's perfect. So I feel as confident telling a four year old there'll be train sets as I am there'll be dogs. Mostly labradors. And they'll have big open fields and balls, squirrels, seagulls and rabbits to chase too. It wouldn't be perfect without them :-)


Hey, meant to say that I saw the GVdog on Hogmanay @ QS station! V. cool. Kudos to Evelyn and Gordon for naming their dog after a Star Wars character :-).

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