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08 January 2010



>>>St Silas', as we try and discern which, if any, of these people is called by God to serve as bishop.

Curious! I assumed that you had to pick *one* of the Finalists - can you say that none are suitable and ask for more candidates? Surely you must be relatively happy that the SEC bishops enforced the moratorium, and that good evangelicals need not fret about having an 'actively' gay bishop? Do you have to hand in mobile devices (papal conclave style) or can we expect live #pisky tweeting?


As I understand it, we can vote "none", and if enough people vote that way, we would have to start the process again. It almost certainly won't go that way, but the advantage is that it if we believe none of the candidates are called to the office of bishop, then we don't have to vote for them.


Exciting! And you get to grill the candidates directly ("so why do *you* want to be bishop?")? Sounds like a fabulous ecclesiastical combination of the X-Factor *and* The Apprentice :-)


No, it's nowhere near as exciting as either "The X Factor" or "The "Apprentice"! It's usually very tightly controlled, with the same questions being directed to all candidates.

I think it's very difficult to get a good idea of a person's suitability from a questionaire (everyone will be careful of what they say) or even a public meeting (where the same thing applies). We have to trust the preparatory committee have done their job well, probing the candidates sufficiently so that these are the best candidates possible.


Is it just me, or would it not be cool if the candidates had to pose with Mitre and crozier, to see if they are up to the aesthetic demands of the position? o{]:-)


Any chance of SUBO lodging her papers in time to be considered at the last minute...?


They were all asked why they thought they were being called to be a Bishop by the Preparatory Committee, Ryan. Some interesting answers too! No tweeting, though. It's all confidential!

Rev Ruth

Thanks for the comments on The Road. My boys are going to see it and I wasn't sure I fancied it at all, but now I think I might go along after all. Cheers!

ps Son #1 read the book yesterday in one sitting and said it was absolutely incredible.

Andrew T

Democracy in action! Like it! Glad that churches and members have an input to this process rather than an appointment being made from the upper echelons.

I'm curious as to how one reaches the stages of being a candidiate for the post. Is it based on length of sevice or qualifications or do clergy express an interest in going for the job?


Of course Andrew, democracy in action does mean that non-evangelical glasgow SEC churches (i.e. : the overwhelming majority) should get a say in the outcome too...And 'post' am 'job' are a bit worldy terms, surely! I'm not sure how the board would figure out who God is calling to be G&G's bishop, but presumably they try and do so.

Excitingly (well to me) bishops (and provosts!) get their photos in the cathedral. There's one of the gay one with bad hair who married Fr.Gadgetvicar!

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