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19 January 2010



wow how can phone life be this complicated. I feel like a dinosaur with pay as you go O2


of the networks i've used over the last few years, o2 had the best coverage, but not necesarily the best tarrifs. Virgin is a pretty poor reception around the west end, Vodaphone and orange both big enough to cope in most areas



You? A dinosaur? Noooooooooo!

Here's why this is complicated: 1. I'm a bloke. 2. I'm a geek. 3. I'm trying to resist getting a new gadget phone (maybe that should have been my confession last night?) 4. I want to make sure I've got the best deal/service as the moby gets used quite a lot. 5. I've found that T-Mobile coverage is not that great sometimes.

David Campbell

I certainly halved my mobile bill when I went with 3, GV, and have always been more than pleased with their service and coverage.

Rev Ruth

I think Vodafone has the best coverage in the UK and I've never had any problems with it, except on Iona!

ED... (who blogs at Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity)

I'm on 3, and no complaints. (Have also been on Tmobile and Orange) Free 3 to 3 calls. PAYG is a good option, because of the amount of internet access a £10 topup gets you. Suggest a Nokia E63 as compromise with good functionality at reasonable cost...

(Also suggest talking to my mate Gordon in Carphone Warehouse by central station. He's a total expert.)

Caitlin McCarthy & Fancypantsgeographerwhogot100%inhertest McCarthy


that will help you decide ;)

by the way, how do you know which comparison website is the best? :S
i think you should start an uber comparison website of all the comparison websites, and become a millionaire, and buy us lots of things

such a random comment, but hey, i've had coffee!
(and Molly had a hot chocolate!!!)



I am honoured that the GV Girls should comment here.

I have compared meerkats and I am unsure what to do.

Your entrepreneurial skills are sharp as ever, and I look forward to you using them, becoming millionaires and buying ME lots of things! See what I did there?

Beat Attitude

I use a very cheap virgin tariff: £8 a month for 100 mins and 100 texts. Virgin customer service is excellent (have had to return 2 handsets, but not their fault at all, and was dealt with very quickly and politely). Haven't had any problems with reception especially...don't virgin "hop on" to other networks like 3? I find if reception is a vital factor, it can be worth carrying a spare PAYG from a different network, and keep it in your car or bag for those vital times when you can't get reception.


Hurrah, very cool comment! It would be cool if the GV dog* could comment here one day too ( "'Woof' - GV dog" "I don't need a phone, being but a dog - GVdog" etc) :-)

* Well, if YECs can type and use computers..... ;-)


Plus, Virgin is surely the most nominally Christian option (personally I prefer Orange, for similar reasons ;-))

Beat Attitude

Surely 3?


Ah, but surely there are trinitarian *false* gods (such as Jah-Bul-On that the Larry Grasons allegedly {but probably don't}worship)


I'm with orange, and to retain customers they are brilliant.

I pay £15.50 a month, free unlimited internet, free unlimited texts, six (and counting, new one every six months) "magic" numbers which I can call unlimited and free, 1200 minutes anytime any network minutes.... did I miss anything? oh yes, a new handset more often than I want one, and no significant coverage problems. And I get a 10% loyalty discount which increases by 5% (of the original tariff) each year.

When I call customer services i get 3 options: 1-to check how many minutes you have, 2- to check your bill and 3-to speak to an real person in a UK call centre about anything else. Quite honestly, that's worth it's weight in gold!

And all for £15.50...

I've worked for O2, Phones4U, Vodaphone and handled various business mobile phone contracts with multiple handsets - never found a deal better than mine. Even with staff discount or loss leaders to make me switch the company bill.

Only thing I pay for is picture messages :)

Do you know exactly what you want to pay per month, what handset you want, and how many minutes / texts you need? (I'm assuming free internet as a given)

Forge Lindin

I had a 400 min/ 1000 text deal for £30 which expired. On the day of expiry I called 02 and got 600 min / 2000 text (I dont know why I pushed for 2000 texts) half price line rental, £150 credit and an internet bolt on. I ended up paying 11.50 or something on average each month, with some months more and some months nothing.

The moral of the story is wait til the day of expiry and negotiate with tmobile. Say youve seen much better deals.


If the only thing that is dissatisfying you with T-Mobile is the price, then I would strongly suggest that you talk to them first. All mobile providers know the value of keeping their existing customers, and will likely better any deal you could get by moving. If you want to keep your number, you have to ask for a PAC code, and asking for this tends to get you transferred to customer retention.

By way of example, I too was thinking of moving to a 3 contract having been on Orange pay-as-you-go for a while. At that time, 3 was the only company offering a £15 a month contract for (IIRC) 200 minutes and 200 texts a month along with a new phone. I spoke with Orange first, and they offered me the same phone, with 200 minutes and unlimited text messages, for £13/month.

My wife did similar and got them down to £9/month.

Decide what you would take from 3, and then phone T-Mobile and I bet they will match it.

(Also, I've heard very few people with good things to say about 3 overall. Their coverage in Scotland is a bit iffy too.)

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