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14 January 2010



Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?! What sort of Mickey Mouse liturgy is *that* for such a momentous occasion!? Surely you much prefer the SEC stuff? Afterall, I can remember you blogging fondly about the striking features of the most recent marriage liturgy ;-)


"Mickey Mouse liturgy"???
Of course not being familiar with the fantastic SEC "stuff", but indeed... The Evangelica Lutheran Friend frowned.


I don't think God minds who wrote it.



Sorry, Kjell, the above is impressive (and impressively inclusive). But wouldn't you ELFs (fabby acronym)regard a fellow ELF using the Roman Missal (or whatever) ,rather that the Lutheran stuff, as a diss of sorts? Mea Culpa. But I'm guessing 'we' at St.S have used ASB stuff in the past rather than the far superior SEC liturgies merely because people think "evangelical=good" which is surely an unfortunate way to go about things.. Although, if you're just gonna let *ANYONE* (including laity!) say parts of the Communion liturgy... ;-) I mean, if Rangers FC produced a marriage or funeral liturgy I wouldn't automatically regard it as superior.

fr dougal

The ASB is sooo last millenium! And it was fiercely criticised for it's total ignorance of stuff like Night prayer and Holy Week liturgies. Some of the Common Worship stuff is OK. And the congregational joining in of parts of the communion liturgy is not an evangelical peculiarity - common practice in many an SEC.

Using the Roman Missal is not so much a diss as a convenience - you only need one book, not a bible, lectionary,book of collects etc. Mind you, the Roman collects at the moment are pure rid rotten! The New Missal translation look like a considerable improvement.

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