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18 January 2010



good lord, environmentalism! You'll be suggesting that evolution is (gasp!) scientific and creationism is not next. Of course, the preceding sentence is true, and Christians should be honest....

NB - cool post title. Am hoping it's a reference to 'MoFo' from 'Pop' (greatly underrated song IMHO - it even has a reference to the 'God-shaped hole' too!)


Ah, Pat Robertson. Not the finest spokesmen among the Christian brothers.


Worryingly, he was a presidential candidate. Even more worryingly, he said that "I find her [Sarah Palin] to be a very intelligent lady".

Ryan, check out my videos of why creationists must deny gravity :-)


Flowers may not grow on the landfill sites in this country,
but children grow on the landfill sites in other countries.

And the families who eke out a subsistence on these landfill sites are more thankful and complain less than the Christians in this country who have to go to all the bother of walking up and down the aisles of Asda and choosing whatever they want.

I'm unconcerned about Pat Robertson and other bams of his ilk.

I'm more concerned about Christian preachers given social comment in lieu of a scriptural sermon that any atheist humanist would be happy to repeat.


social concerns are unScriptural Jimmy? Really? I daresay that Evil Atheists would also agree with "Thou Shalt Not Murder" but that doesn't make the latter less 'spiritual'.


"I'm unconcerned about Pat Robertson and other bams of his ilk.

I'm more concerned about Christian preachers given social comment in lieu of a scriptural sermon that any atheist humanist would be happy to repeat."

Well, you should be concerned then. Atheist doesn't = humanist BTW. I'm most definately NOT a humanist (and that doesn't meant I dont share some of their good values either).

Robertson and his ilk most definately want to control what you think - that should worry anyone! He was a presidential candidate of the most powerful nation on earth and he endorses Sarah Palin - a real contender for that job in future - that should worry you!

As a christian, should you not be more concerned that your view of jesus is being misrepresented that what non believers make of it? In you opinion, he is bearing false witness is he not? Should you not be concerned and moved to correct this "errant" fellow believer in love rather than call him a bam?
Are you not then breaking the commands of your god and making him cry? Your contempt for Robertson must surely prevent you from focussing on god.

Or can you just ignore this cos I'm an atheist?

There is also biblical backing to the vile nonsense he has been spouting - rember god killing the babies of egypt after he made Pharoah unable to bend to his will?

Personally I'll go with the old crustal plate shifting theory. As a young earth creationist, I presume you believe that eating apples brought about earth quakes as a punishment from god?


The problem with that comandment is that people like Bush and Robertson tell the baying mases that god wils it - hey presto, legal loop hole


I'm quite happy with the scientific theory that the Universe had a beginning about 13.73 billion years ago and the Earth had a beginning about 4.5 billion years ago.

But modern man is relatively very new to the Earth a matter of so many thousand years, I don't know how many but I do know that we began as we are now.

I already made this comment to you. Don't you ever get wearied repeating the same tired old lines.


Jimmy, maybe we are getting somewhere. This seems different to when I first met you. Modern man (as I’ve told you before) has been around for 100 – 200 000 years. We did not just suddenly appear. We were preceded by various progressively more human species – see here http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/homs/ . Think of it more like "ring species", but in time rather than geography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_species

Natural disasters were essential to our evolution. They do not occur because of us.


In fairness Jimmy, you (apparently) never get tired of offering flat assertions and crap poetry.


Steady, Ryan. That's a nasty comment, and adds nothing to the discussion.



Come now, it's not MY fault that you've got such a lax and tolerant moderation policy! ;-)


That's okay Ryan, I prefer people to speak their mind.
Who I am as a person has not depended upon the opinions of others for some years now.


These people who appear on tv with a wee bone in their hand (no pun intended) and construct a whole scenario around it as to what life was like on the Earth millions of years ago.
Well in my opinion there's not a tackety boot big enough to kick most of them in the behind.
At best it's all just guess work but it's presented to us as scientific fact.
Science has come up with the Earth having a beginning and mankind upon the Earth having a beginning, all that's missing is these words "In the beginning God"

This will have to be my last comment on this post.
I don't want to get drawn to far from the original post subject, or presume upon GV's patients.


ryan said in reply to gadgetvicar...

Come now, it's not MY fault that you've got such a lax and tolerant moderation policy! ;-)

Ryan - that sounds *very* much like "I can't moderate myself or judge what's helpful or mean, so it's BadDavid's fault I made a mean comment"

I didn't realise you rely so much on being moderated. You expect, even welcome it. Will note same for future reference. In really do learn something new everyday.


"I wonder how those in Haiti, including very many Christians, who have lost loved ones and are suffering, receive such comments?"

They're probably too busy praying, grieving, digging through rubble and trying to feed their children to listen. I imagine monetary gifts will be received in the spirit they're given, and words are temporary.

I guess we have to pray that no-one is switched off from God by it?


That presupposes that I think 'bad' comments are always wrong, Jennifer. Which I don't. Although it is very much to David's credit the moderation policy *here* compares so favourably to that of the SS egroup 'moderators'.


Let it go, Ryan.


>>>I got to beat Nick Cox up (in my dreams!)

Come on, Nick wears more pink than anyone I know, loves Pretty Woman and dances (in Church!!)to Belinda Carlyle! How hard can he be? ;-)


I *SO* dare you to play rugby against him and find out for yourself, Ryan!!!


Didn't go to posh school, so don't know how to do rugby (nor cricket, croquet,polo,skiing, prole-hunting etc etc)so,alas, no. I do, admittedly, weigh as much as rugby players but my physique (as you know) differs quite significantly ;-).

That said,there's a great (front cover!) interview with Gareth Thomas in this month's Attitude, so I don't mind I admitting I was wrong about the ethos of the sport (depressingly - albeit perhaps understandably- there are still no out professional footballers). Mea Culpa.


"Come on, Nick wears more pink than anyone I know... How hard can he be?"

Methinks a change of heart?

"Didn't go to posh school blah blah blah..."

Get a book!

"I don't mind I admitting I was wrong... Mea Culpa."

Hurrah!!! Rugby is faaaaaaaar better than the football trite of the masses :) Welcome to the world of the real sportsman :D


Nicely diverted from your self-confessed lack of self-control!!!


Well, Nick does look a bit like Bruce Willis or Grant Mitchell, and *they're* hard ;-). Pinkness certainly doesn't preclude hardness (quite the opposite!) Ray Winstone or Vic Mackay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_Mackey) would, I concede, still be hard if they rocked Nick-style pink fabulous outfits. Although I can't easily imagine either dancing to Belinda Caryle.... ;-)

And I have certainly not had any Damascene conversion on the merits of Rugby *as a sport*. In point of fact, your reference to the "masses" (we don't want working class oikish footballers becoming millionaires, do we? Most of them don't even have degrees or experience of prep schools!) is something of a turn off... That said, it does amuse me when people proclaim the obvious Olympian-Ideal superiority of a sport that has a problem with eyegouging (which, obviously, can BLIND someone) to one that has a problem with diving (which is cheating, but - at the risk of running afoul of the majestic stupidity of that Shankley quote - happily nowhere near life and death). I daresay John Terry's ....misadventures.. will lead to more appalled (and appalling) "The State Football's In!" (a)moralising ; compare and contrast *that* coverage with the recent (bottom of the page, near the back) story about a number of rugby players at the same club accused of *rape*. Allegations that the police are pursuing.

Even thick footballers can spell (and be cognisant of) 'hypocrisy'.

Anyway, the shorts are better in football. And have you *seen* those Cristiano Ronaldo underwear ads?



Nah, rugby is predictable and appears tactically dogmatic (in Scotland). It is also an incredible waste of money. The last match I went to was that one vs Italy where we were something like 3 trys down in the first 5 minutes. A real waste of £40. I worked out that we could have won that one if we kicked all those penalties rather than going for a try.

Football offers many more options (and you dont have to keep passing backwards). What's elegant and skillfull in running at someone and crashing into them? You should watch a master like the late great Davie Cooper in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmECazR7jyA If you have a video of a rugby player doing that, I'll be happy to watch it :-)

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