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06 February 2010


Andrew T

Ha, quite funny.

Another device that people will buy because of the things that it "can" do rather than they actually "need" those functions.

Yours truly still uses a paper diary with a bookmark and I've yet to see anything that is as easy to use. It also doesn't have to be plugged in.





ED... (who blogs at Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity)

It has no survival value. It merely adds value to survival...


Andrew : me too! Far more personal if one keeps them to look back on years later. Typed up diaries are far less personal (and arguably somewhat self-aggrandising - books are typed up because others will read them!)

Tangentially, and (uncharacteristically!) provoctaively : am I the only person who....looks somewhat askance...at the phenomena of an evangelical culture* that quotes 'life in all its fullness' passages of Holy Scripture to justify piggy middle/upper class consumerism whilst ignoring such passages' more pertinent implications for inclusion and justice ? How much iCrap does one person need? Hmmm

(i.e. NOT the great Fr.Rector-Gadget *personally*!)

Beat Attitude

There is an advantage to having a computer keyboard that is backlit. I could imagine that using it live on stage as an audio/lighting controller might prove quite useful.


..nor does it crash!


LOL at iCrap :D


Has "need" ever been part of the question?


Um. A replacement for a paper diary? Is that what you think an iPad is supposed to be? I think you've missed something... :)

>Yours truly still uses a paper diary with a bookmark and I've yet to see >anything that is as easy to use. It also doesn't have to be plugged in.

It also can't be synchronised with an online service like Google Calendar, so if you leave your diary at home, you won't easily have access to the information in it. :)

Also for that reason, if it's left on a train, you lose everything in it.

I find my iPod/Outlook/iCal diaries synchronised with Google Calendar to do the trick. The Google Calendar is easy to share with others, too, so people can see if I'm free.

Thankfully, this access can be controlled ;)


Jen, Jen. This Ludditery is unworthy of you ;)


I'm a happy Luddite with a simple life- that doesn't need backed up! Paper is simply reliable :-)


She says, typing a comment in a box on a blog on the web, part of the internet, the biggest network of computers and associated devices in history!

Ironic, Jennifer. Ironic. :P


It's only cos your superpowers are rubbish and you can't see what I write on paper! It's my concession to you ;P

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