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17 February 2010



3 grand to close a street? Why don't we just set fire to a van?


"3 grand to close a street? Why don't we just set fire to a van?"

You could get the creationists to kindle it with books :-)


Billy,I'd be worried that the more unhinged evangementalists would suggest kindling it with gays, too. Here's an article in today's Guardian on the links between us evangelists and the persecution of gays in african countries :



Please keep comments on topic.


This is also off topic (and ever-so-slightly obsessive). Please pack it in, or your comments will be censored.


I agree with setting fire to a van. Between BFF, Haiti and everyone being a bit skint, I think the council are on to buttons asking us to pay for this longstanding festival.

I know it sounds a bit harumphish, but come on! If they need a litter pick, they need to organise volunteers.

Maybe the council could take St Silas share of the bill out of their donation to St Silas for the provision of toilet facilities?

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