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17 February 2010



Letters sent, although still need to send one to the UK Border Agency.


4 letters sent today - Gordon Brown and David Cameron tomorrow - how can we, a conscious and caring society, send robbers home to die peacefully, likewise terrorists, befriend fraudsters, allow politicians to milk expenses and in the same world, allow a child to be deported to an insecure, unsafe and very scary world with constant uncertainty, when she is just beginning to benefit from the support of a loving, caring family and enjoy the activities she should be doing at her time of life - nonsense, complete and utter madness.


Thanks, Clare. I agree with everything you've written.


Thanks, Danar.


Letters posted yesterday to Home Secretary, my MP Ian Davidson, my MSP Nicola Sturgeon, and copies posted to the director of the Border Agency. Still to send one to Alex Salmond.


"if you think you're too small to make a difference, you've never shared a bed with a mosquito"

Worthy of note, and as a word of encouragement, are the identified fears of the UK Civil Service.

I worked for the Scottish Government on contract to recruit for the Ministry of Justice. Whilst being trained on how to complete identity checks (spot fake passports, check on docs issued in other countries etc) we were warned of the risks of getting it wrong.

They told us that the first of the two greatest and most fearsome consequences of giving Government security clearance by mistake were that we could accidentally let in a terrorist with a bomb, potentially killing lots of people.

The second? That we could let in a journalist.

And I kid you not- we were told "...and we don't know which would have the worst consequences"

(Space for exclamation and explitives)

The point of this story? The Civil Service are very very scared of newspapers. Seriously.

Does anyone have a journalist contact who would take up Rima's story?



Letters sent and have asked about 20 people to do the same.


Sent...hope not too late. JJ



Not looking like the best news - any news on Rima?

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