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17 March 2010



Ooh, celebrating a Saint's day! A step in the right direction. If only God would smite some of the "well, my granny went to Ireland once, and I love the craic" green-beer spewing Up the 'Ra pseudo-Oirish oiky student hordes...;-)


Oh, and you know and I know that there is absolutely no 'concession' that could be made or restraint that could be shown by TEC that would satisfy Akinola and the like who would quite fancy relocating the throne of canterbury, and attendant powers, to the 'global' south. And Akinola's poisonously bigoted version of 'Christianity' must give pause to those who, like you, believe that there are 'two faiths' in the anglican world and, War on Terrorism style, all must choose a faith. Although one can imagine that the trolls of the Titus One 9, Forward in Faith style forums can at least console themselves with happy thoughts of the time that they'll save, now able to combine homophobia *and* misogyny in attacks on ONE person, rather than having to shoehorn pops at ++Katherine into their attacks on +Gene.


Reading Ryan's rant I suddenly realised why GV felt the need to declaim St Patrick's breastplate...


Mike, there was another part in the original post - on the election of Mary Glasspool http://lgbtnewsblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/mary-glasspool-elected-second-openly.html - that I was responding to.

And it's not a rant. fab alliteration tho!



You were way too quick off the mark, and yes, it could well be a rant and completely predictable.


predictable isn't a failing. Stand firm and all that....


You are right: there is a certain kind of comfort in predictability. Personally, I enjoy it when people surprise me!


You could always ad a feature allowing people to delete their comments! It would , surely, lead to increased accountability (rather than you having to spend precious time as a God-style moderator figure!)

And, as the great Rir Sobby Bobson once said: "football never surprises you and it never sometimes demoralises you" ;-)
(You might also like his theological musing on the Barcelona countryside : "Look at those olive trees. They're over 200 years old - from before the time of Christ!"


That's powerful stuff Gadgetvicar, thanks for posting!

Andrew T

Or you could branch out, Ryan, and launch your own blog where you could set the topic!!!!!

Tell you what, if you do so and place a link here yours truly will even help you get off the ground by posting some of my considered opinions. Worth more than gold to the aspiring blogger, (cough, ahem).


I love that prayer... even if it is a bit of a whale. It spoke directly to me when I was practicing neo-paganism.



Ryan, your dial seems permanently set to "rant". Does it have another setting?


Can we also delete each other's comments please? :D


Thank you. The bit:-

Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me.
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

I find amazingly powerful, hugely reassuring and very humbling. Why would Christ bother so much for me. Wow.


Excuse a stranger jumping in here - I have always loved this prayer, and one of the quirky things I love about it is that it is clearly a magic spell! No disrespect to Patrick here - I see no reason why, considering the times in which he lived, he could not be both a Christian and a practising magician. But look at the wonderful words! It is a spell for protection and power! Surely I am not the only one who sees this?


Oh please, I'm perfectly willing to engage in serious debate and have my beliefs challenged. Unlike some.

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