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03 March 2010



lol! I'm smh at your lack of down with da kidz-ness ;-).

Acronyms are annoying, and change so fast tho. And they so frequently get abused! C.f. the indiscriminate - if not inappropriate- use of lol. I live in expectation of the day when , perusing Twitter, I read something along the lines of "my wife just ran off with my best friend lol" from some poor, hip creature.

Andrew T

So what does YMMV stand for? I may wish to add it to my very short list of text-type speak although as I'm one of the few people who feel guilty about using such and not writing in properly spelt words, maybe not.


Your mileage may vary.


To Andrew T: I always write in properly spelt words, with proper punctuation! I fell out with someone on Facebook over this (who was only a friend of a friend and not one of my friends)!

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