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12 May 2010



A new hope? please tell me Cameron isnt Palpatine! (C'm on , you were asking for a Star Wars reference there...)

Andrew T

Trident as a weapons system was rendered obsolete by the collapse of the Soviet Union. As we do not currently face a nuclear foe on that scale, nor are we likely to in the near future, we do not require such a large and costly system. By cutting it and saving the huge sums involved some of that money could be spent on providing decent accommodation for our troops and bringing back military hospitals.

Britain is no longer a world power and methinks that a lot of the reason that our politicians want to cling on to grandiose projects such as Trident are to do with maintaining the facade that we still are.

There are some tough decisions that need to be taken by our leaders. We should offer them our prayerful support.


And did you notice that 13 of Cameron's frontbenchers were schooled at Eton? Says it all really about politics in the UK

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